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Cumin Noir Body Soap Bar with Dead Sea Mud & Black Cumin
 This unique soap contains natural Black Mud from the Dead Sea. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural Black Mud, this soap is known for its benefits in treating skins with tendency to acne and other skin disorders. Its special composition has a gentle, deep active cleansing effect essential for a healthy glowing skin.Black cumin seed oil is reach in essential fatty acids, Vitamins and Amino acids which make the oil a great moisturizer and anti-aging ingredient. Use this exceptional soap to cleanse and moisturize your skin.
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$ 29.90
Instant Lift for face and neck
An active, Paraben free, serum provides an instant lifting effect. Based on a film forming sesame protein this serum gently contracts on the skins surface, leaving a smooth tightening sensation upon drying. A blend of hibiscus flowers will give a deeper and longer lasting peptide based anti-wrinkle effect with vectorised proline that intensively rehydrates the skin. Lotus flower extracts and Olive oil squalane sooth and condition the skin for the longer term.
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$ 199.90
Thermal Facial Mud Mask
Our new thermal facial mud mask is an exclusive two phase treatment, resulting in an unforgettable experience and outstanding results. The unique warming phase stimulates blood circulation and opens the pores, thus purifying and cleansing your skin. Meanwhile Dead Sea Minerals and Vitamins penetrate the skin cells to promote its nourishment. The result is clean, nourished and beautifully looking skin.
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$ 199