Dead Sea Benefits


The Dead Sea - a world famous treasure trove of health and beauty since antiquity.
The Dead Sea is Nature’s Heaven.
Rich in life enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea waters and mud have been acclaimed
throughout the ages. Aristotle, the Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and Cleopatra were all familiar with it. 
This unique body of water is situated on the Syrian-African rift, a geological phenomenon that came into being some three million years ago during a great natural upheaval. Many ancient layers of mineral-rich earth were exposed. Salt water springs erupted, forming a valley and lake 400 meters (1300 feet) below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth. An evaporation process taking place for thousands of years resulted in increased levels of minerals and salt in the lake known as the Dead Sea.


The composition of the Dead Sea is considered unique, and it contains the highest levels of magnesium, calcium, silica, sodium and potassium - in comparison to any other body of salt water in the world, including the oceans.

Since ancient times, millions of people have come to the region to relax, to enjoy its beauty and to experience the healing, beautifying, rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea.

Visitors soak in the famous waters and coat themselves in the revitalizing black mud.

Medical research and multiple studies have proved beyond all doubt the efficacy of these minerals in treating and preventing various diseases such as psoriasis, acne and rheumatism.

The water of the Dead Sea contains 21 minerals, 12 of which are found in no other sea or ocean.They are recognized for imparting a relaxed feeling, nourishing the skin, activating the circulatory system, and for easing rheumatic discomfort.

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