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Our premium skin care products for mature & dry skin.  All our products are based on minerals from the Dead Sea, vitamins and natural oils and are all Paraben free.


Protective Day Cream - Slightly tinted moisturizer SPF 30+
This premium quality day cream with optimal UV protection is an ideal moisturizer for delicate fair skin which is sensitive to the sun. Spreads easily and absorbs rapidly leaving no oily after feel. A slightly tinted cream with natural mineral pigments, give the skin an even tone and a golden glow. Using this cream gives maximum protection from both short UVB rays which can cause sunburn and from long UVA rays which can cause sun pigmentation.
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$ 149.90
Replenishing Eye Contour Balm
A delicate eye contour balm – ideal for dry skin areas of mature skin, is formulated as water in oil emulsion minimizing the TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) from the skins surface. Also contains premium moisturizers: Dead Sea Minerals, Sodium PCA and an amino acid complex which further enhance the skin's moisture retention. Natural emollients - Shea Butter, organic Jojoba wax and Olive oil squalane, effectively soften the skin while oil soluble vitamins – E, A and F, act as antioxidants to provide the necessary free radical protection. A small quantity will minimize the appearance of wrinkles if used under makeup. This balm provides optimal care for dry/mature skin.  
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$ 159.90
Instant Lift for face and neck
An active, Paraben free, serum provides an instant lifting effect. Based on a film forming sesame protein this serum gently contracts on the skins surface, leaving a smooth tightening sensation upon drying. A blend of hibiscus flowers will give a deeper and longer lasting peptide based anti-wrinkle effect with vectorised proline that intensively rehydrates the skin. Lotus flower extracts and Olive oil squalane sooth and condition the skin for the longer term.
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$ 199.90
Delicate Cleansing Cream gel for dry dehydrated skin
This tender cleansing cream-gel gently and effectively dissolves makeup and other residues left on the skin surface. It is ideal as a daily cleanser and makeup remover for dry/ mature skin. This product works in synergy with the Hydrating MoistureSplash in obtaining a perfectly clean and smooth skin.  
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$ 39.90
Dead Sea Black Mud Soap
This unique soap contains natural Black Mud from the Dead Sea. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural Black Mud, this soap is known for its benefits in treating acne and other skin disorders. Its special composition has a gentle, deep active cleansing effect essential for a healthy glowing skin.
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$ 29.90
Dead Sea Sulphur Soap
A natural soap enriched with Dead Sea minerals & Sulphur. This unique soap is known for its healing properties to skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Also contains Olive Oil and Aloe-Vera that restores the skins natural moisture and is essential to a healthy glowing skin.
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$ 29.90
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